2020 Mayoral Goals

The Madden Plan is based on citizen input and hours of listening. It will focus on:

Traffic & Drainage-continue to lead collaborative traffic meetings with other government entities and DOTD to mitigate impacts on you and keep you informed; seek out the latest technology for citywide drainage and infrastructure planning.

Communication and Collaboration-use technology to deliver emergency messages to you immediately and implement inter-governmental communication so the city works better for you.

Business Friendly-attract and keep business you want by working on the redevelopment of empty properties.

Ethics and Transparency-deliver openness in city government on the issues that matter to you and prioritize your input on important projects.

Beautification-enhance our public green spaces, improve landscape management, and implement proactive code enforcement.

Budgeting-lower expenses through better accuracy in budgeting; call for an operational efficiency audit on the management policies and procedures at city hall.